Class Assignments

Social Experiment March 10th

What were our feeling and experiences

We began the assignment by sitting close to one person. One of the guys acted awkward. He was just very uncomfortable. He probably thought more things than he showed or acted out.


The two girls that I tried this assignment with reacted the same way I would have.  They were very confrontation and felt ofended that I chose to sit that close to them when there were other places where I could have sat.I agree with their reaction, however I am just not the type of person that would just not say anything in return. I am also not the type of person that is afraid of confrontation and defending myself by all means necessary. And thats how I acted it out.

 This experience was a negative one for me but it brought me back to familiar territory. I dont like getting out of character and acting out like that. That was someone I used to be and I grew up from the girl I used to be 

This assignment was something that brought me back to familiar